Book“Water Gives Life”

Purchase the MGI book written by Tony Benny for NZ$25 + postage (GST inclusive).

Water Gives Life is the historical account of how the 1930’s dream of productive farmland in the arid South Canterbury region was turned into reality by a succession of dedicated and visionary individuals. The story explains the formation of the Morven Glenavy Ikawai Irrigation Company which 25-years later is one of the leaders of sustainable irrigation in New Zealand.

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MGI Resources

How to Enter Borderdyke Hours Online

Getting Started with the Field Scout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Probe

‘Getting Started’ brochure (Download)

Recording Sheets for use with Field Scout Probe

  • Sheet to print for hand written records (Download)
  • Spreadsheet version (Download)

‘Bucket Test’ User Guide (Download)

Soil Moisture Instruments (April 2014) (Download)

Field Day Handout April 2nd 2014 (large file 1.6 MB)  (Download)

Notes from Field Day at Fairbank (Spring 2012) (large file 1.2 MB) (Download)

Notes from Field Day at Strathburn Farm (Spring 2012) (large file 1.2 MB) (Download)

Summary of key points from 2012 Field Days (Download)

Farm Plan Audit Checklist (Download)

Field Day Hand out (2010) (large file – 1.5 MB) (Download)

To download the Irrigation Calendar or Farm Plan template etc., click here


 Other Resources

Irrigation NZ guide to selecting the right soil moisture probe for your farm (download)

DIY irrigation evaluation guide  – Farmer workbook for checking the performance of spray irrigation systems (DairyNZ 2013)

Guide to Good Irrigation (DairyNZ 2011) has been developed to help farmers fine-tune their irrigation and help with daily operation.

Note: DairyNZ publications are available to all farmers

Irrigation New Zealand  – National body for all irrigation interests in NZ. Information on irrigation practices, standard contracts, training courses and more

Includes –

  • Irrigation Development Guide – a booklet explaining how to gather the information to correctly specify your irrigation system
  • Irrigation Development Checklist – to ensure all information is provided, includes sample information and calculations. This document has a specification sheet with explanation of system performance indicators
  • Irrigation Installation contract  – Standard contract to give the Purchaser and Contractor confidence that what they are buying or supplying is clearly stipulated and that both parties have the same expectation in the performance of the service. – Aqualinc  provide a broad spectrum of services to farmers, including:

    • Data logging and telemetry for water management and consent compliance.
    • Optimal irrigation scheduling based on water usage, soil moisture, and climate monitoring.Irrigation evaluations to improve the performance and efficiency of water distribution and application systems.
    • Resource consent advice and applications.

The Waitaki Irrigation Collective

  • Formed in 2010, WIC’s shareholders are the five irrigation schemes and a society of individual irrigators that take water from Lake Waitaki, the Lower Waitaki River (or its tributaries or connected groundwater) and use that water to irrigate land downstream of the Waitaki Dam.
  • PO Box 159,  Oamaru 9444
    Follow us on Twitter @WaitakiIrrigate