Application for MGI Shares

Use this form to apply for MGI shares. Shareholding is an entitlement to irrigate a hectare of land and so this form is also for adding new land to the scheme area. New shareholding must be approved by the Board.

Transfer of Shares

Your lawyer will use a standard law society form for the transfer of shares from a vendor to the land purchaser. MGI will continue to hold the existing shareholder responsible for the shares until we receive the executed and dated share transfer form. It is best to submit the completed form well in advance of the settlement date.

Appoint a Proxy

Use this Proxy Form if you are a Director of a Trust or you are unable to attend the AGM and wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. Existing Directors are happy to be approached to be appointed as proxy’s for the meeting.

Nomination of Director

Use this form to nominate a potential Director for the next election cycle (the AGM).

Apply for a Stock Water Turnout in the Waihao Downs Irrigation Area

Stock water use is allowed in the Waihao Downs Irrigation Area but comes with conditions which are explained in the information sheet.