MGI Irrigation Shareholders are able to get a reduced price on the Field Scout TDR 300 portable soil moisture probe. Click on the link for technical specifications Field Scout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Meter

For options, pricing and to place an order, please contact me by email or phone by Friday 13th March 2015.

I am able to provide full support to show you how to use the probe on your farm and to get the most benefit from the data you collect. There can be considerable irrigation efficiency and financial savings to be made through collecting and using soil moisture information.

It is expected that all spray irrigators will have soil moisture monitoring in place on their farms. This is a requirement of your farm Environment Plan and forms part of the audit process. If you do not already have soil moisture monitoring in place, then this is a priority to ensure you meet the requirements of your Farm Plan. You will need to be able to show the Auditors that you have and use an appropriate system or instrument for your irrigation and soil type; and that you apply the information in your decision to irrigate.

Although there is no requirement for a particular soil moisture monitoring system or instrument, the systems below will usually be expected.

NB: When considering your options it is worth weighing up the advantages in the longer term of putting in a fixed system, over a portable probe. The portable probe is good but does require ongoing time/effort to collect and analyse the data. Also consider the type of soils you have on your farm – stony soils are more difficult to use portable probes in (please feel free to contact me to discuss your options).

Irrigation Type Minimum system generally expected
Pivot or lateral move with permanent pasture on flat Permanently installed system
Pivot or lateral move with cropping Permanently installed system or portable system
K-line with pasture or crop Portable system (stone-free soils only)
On hills / mixed slopes Portable system or permanently installed system plus portable system

The retail price for this probe is going to increase, so if this is the right option for your farm – don’t miss out on this opportunity to purchase at this discounted price.

Please contact me (Judith Neilson) by Friday 13th March to place your order.

Email or phone 0275223354